Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fruits Basket Vol. 20 by Natsuki Takaya

Main Character: High School student Tohru Honda and all her friends
Location: Japan
Time period: Contemporary
Genre: YA Manga, Fantasy

We get some more of Akito's backstory in this book, and I am beginning to be swayed. Yes, Akito's jealous treatment of the Sohma family is causing all sorts of unhappiness, but the trail of unhappiness stretches back generations. After all, his mother was jealous of him and his relationship with his father; she never even acknowledged him. Even now, all she wants from him is his father's box, and she doesn't care who gets in her way. This inevitably leads to tragedy, and one of the saddest images I have seen in this series.

Kagura encounters Tohru and challenges her to declare her true feelings for Kyo--and to decide whether she truly loves him or just pities him. Tohru draws up her courage and tries to tell Kyo, but he won't listen. Instead he tells Tohru more about the day that her mother was killed, and he expects her to hate him when she learns the truth.

On one of the few happy notes, Momiji breaks his curse, and I think the circumstances give a clue as to how it can happen for the others as well.

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