Monday, March 31, 2008

Gothic Sports Vol. 1 by Anike Hage

Main Character: High school student Anya
Location: undefined
Time period: Contemporary
Genre: YA Mange, Sports, Soccer

Anya is excited to be going to a new school, Lucrece High. She's been trying to transfer into this school because it has an excellent reputation for sports. She really wants to get on a team--either basketball or soccer. She makes some friends right away, but unfortunately she also makes an enemy--Marie. Anya is also upset to learn that Leon attends Lucrese High. The two of them had been in elementary school together and Leon did something that Anya thought was unforgiveable.

When Anya tries to join a sports team, she discovers that Marie is captain of the girls' basketball team. So much for basketball. It turns out that soccer is not much better, since the soccer team is being coached by a student who doesn't let girls play. Determined to play something, Anya and her friends form their own soccer team. To attract more attention in the hopes of gathering a full roster of players, Filiz (a girl into goth and cosplay) designs goth inspired team uniforms. They manage to get Delia, a 12th grader, to agree to coach them, despite the fact that Delia is Marie's best friend. Which will be more important to Marie--her friendship with Delia or her dislike of Anya?

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