Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bleach 24 by Tite Kubo

Main character: Ichigo Kurasaki and everyone else
Location: Japan
Time period: Contemporary
Genre: YA Manga, Fantasy

When last we saw everyone, they were scattered about fighting Arrancars. Now Rangiku is a puddle on the floor (a puddle of hair, at least), Rukia is down, Ururu goes into a trance and gets into the fight only to be skewered. Everyone is in trouble. One of the Arrancars reveals that their numbers indicate the order in which they were made, not their relative strength--except for the top ten. Those are the strongest. And guess who is stuck fighting one of them? Ichigo, of course! He's locked in battle with Grimjow Jaeger-Jaques (what a mouthful that name is.) Just when all seems almost lost, Rangiku gets orders from the Soul Society. The restriction that keeps them using only 20% of their power when in the real world has been lifted so now suddenly each of them is 4 times stronger and they are able to defeat their Arrancars. All except Ichigo, but then Tosen appears and orders Grimjow to leave and report to Aizen. (Aizen doesn't wear his glasses anymore--I am so totally over him.)

Battle is over and healing begins. Orihime works on Toshiro, Rangiku cares for Rukia, and Keigo take Ikkaku and Yumichika home--it's the least he could do since Ikkaku fought defending Keigo. Chad, feeling left out and left behind, begs Kisuke to train him. And finally, Ichigo goes to the Vizored. Hmmm.

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