Saturday, July 26, 2008

Vampire Knight Vol. 1 by Matsuri Hino

Main Character: Yuki Cross, school guardian at Cross Academy
Location: undefined
Time period: Contemporary
Genre: YA Manga, Fantasy, Vampires

The Cross Academy is a unique boarding school attended by two groups of students: the Day Class, which seems to be made up mostly of giggly girls; and the Night Class, made up of absolutely gorgeous guys. Yuki Cross and Zero Kiryu are the school guardians, there to make sure that the Day Class and the Night Class never mix and that the Day Class never finds out the Night Class secret--that they are all vampires!

This is definitely a melodrama, highly emotional with many exclamation points. Ten years ago, Yuki was saved from a vampire's attack by Kaname, a member of the Night Class. Left with no memory of her previous life, she was adopted by the headmaster of Cross Academy. The headmaster believes that vampires and humans can learn to co-exist peaceably together, and this school is part of an experiment to prove it. The members of the Night Class all take a blood tablet, which is supposed to quench their thirst for blood, though the scent of it is still enough to send them all into a state of excitement.

Of course, this being the first volume of the series, a lot of time is spent on setting up the situation and a bit of the backstory. It's too early to know where it's going to go yet, but there are definite hints of a love triangle between Yuki, Zero, and Kaname.

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