Sunday, April 20, 2008

+ Anima Vol. 3 by Natsumi Mukai

Main Characters: Cooro, Husky, Nana
Time period: Undetermined
Genre: YA Manga, Fantasy, Human/Animal Hybrid

Cooro helps a young man use his glider to save his family when rain washes the road out and medicine needs to get through. Our little gang is given shelter by a blacksmith and his ward, Margaret. Interesting tidbit--she used to be a + Anima (a deer) but now that she has a home and feels safe, her deer aspect vanished. So being a + Anima is not a permanent thing?

Anyway, good old Igneous (the commander from the previous volume) shows up and demands that the blacksmith repair all the swords for his company. The blacksmith refuses--he hasn't had anything to do with swords since he rescued Margaret. Then Cooro has an idea, and the swords are all tranformed into tools such as knives and axes.

Nana becomes convinced that Husky is really a girl, so he finally strips off to convince her. Of course, he makes Cooro strip off too. Finally, the group encounters Rose again at a hot springs which is supposedly haunted. A buffalo + Anima was injured and has been coming to the healing springs at night. Now that he has been healed, he agrees to go on his way.

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